d.gen, Inc is involved in the development of the Korean industrial business since the 1980s as one of the key players in industrial automation and CAD/CAM solutions.

Today d.gen is concentrated on the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of inkjet printing systems for graphic, textile and industrial applications. Digital printing enables users to print and decorate on-demand and just-in-time, regardless of the quantity, size and shape of substrates, such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, ceramics and textile, with no pollution, makeready times and costs. d.gen has also access to one of the most advanced color and quality management technologies.





Established in 1992, Inèdit Software started operations specializing in design software development for Apple systems for the textile industry.

We are currently a gold standard company worldwide in our sector and we offer software solutions for digital printing, creative design and color management. At the same time, we help our clients optimize processes and integrate them efficiently in their digital printing workflow, due to our innovative image management tools and departmental interconnectivity.
In recent years, international acclaim of our products has spurred us to significantly expand our commercial horizons to reach clients from the textile, ceramic and laminate floor industries, from more than 60 countries, across five continents.





intex is a completely integrated and innovative ERP-Business-Suite software for textile manufacturers.

intex provides solutions for all textile processes – from supervising the machines to controlling the company.

intex ERP Suite


The MESDAN LAB line – engineered, designed and made in Italy – offers a complete range of measuring instruments to be used on a variety of different textile materials, either in the laboratory or in the production. Among the various equipment available for the physical & dyeing assessment of fibers, yarns and fabrics, some valuable assets of MESDAN LAB deserve to be emphasized:

Mesdan LAB


Mesdan Türkçe


The recipes preparation process for rubber and plastic production to be efficient requires a constant monitoring of weighing precisionrepeatabilitytraceability and above all the safety in handling harmful powders. Elements, that accompanied by high productivity are essential to guarantee an efficient process. LAWER supports rubber and plastic producers with automatic systems for weighing powders, which guarantee high productivity, constant quality and complete process traceability and at the same time eliminate risk factors such as preparation errors and product contact.


Pointcarre renk ayrim modülü; desenlerinizde renk ayrimi, varyant ve baski desenlerinizin kanallarina göre renk ayrimini ortalama 1 dakika gibi kisa bir sürede yapar. Zaman ve maliyet olarak tasarruf sağlar.

“Biz Pointcarre programının yazılımcıları olarak her zaman baskıya hazırlık süreciniz için daha pratik çözümler hazırlarız. Kurumsal ekibimiz size, dünyanın her yerinden, New York, Paris, Şangay’dan, istediğiniz zaman yardım etmeye hazırdır … ” : Freddy Brault, Pointcarre C.E.O.

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