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Baldwin’s precision spray technologies are used by textile producers, in the production of fiberboard, in offset printing, and in other industries to achieve precise and uniform metering of water and chemicals needed for whatever application and material is at hand. Our technologies often replace the foulard/padding method, which uses up to 20% more chemicals and up to 50% more water than Baldwin’s TexCoat systems do to accomplish the same task – the Baldwin TexCoat system also minimizes employees’ exposure to the chemicals used in textile production. Our systems are used daily to apply softeners, antimicrobial agents, water repellents and other finishing treatments to fabrics and similar roll-produced materials.

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TexMoister G2 (EN)


The origin of Biella Shrunk Process dates back to 1961 and it is strictly linked to the precious fine wool fabrics produced in the Biella textile district: the textile expertise typical of our region has offered us motivations and opportunities to set up long-lasting relations with most of the best fabric producers.
We are so proud to acknowledge that our technologies vanguard is the result of a continuous cooperation with our Customers.
The evolution of our machines and processes is the result of a partnership we have established with dynamic professionals who constantly share with us their opinions and needs aimed at improving the fabric finishing technology.
In the early Eighties’ we broadened our horizons towards Far East countries by entering the synthetic fabric field, after over 30 years – and hundreds of installations – we are now able to offer versatile and reliable solutions not only for the wool sector.
More recently, our technical team has studied reliable solutions, which allow our machines to successfully process also knitted fabrics.

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“Guarneri Technology”® is a trade name with three generations’ experience in calender manufacturing, which stands for quality engineering and innovative development in calender technology suitable for textile applications and technical textile materials up to 7.000 mm width. “Guarneri Technology”®, our philosophy has always remained the same: Only those who are more efficient and more flexible than the others have the competitive edge.

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intex is a completely integrated and innovative ERP-Business-Suite software for textile manufacturers.

intex provides solutions for all textile processes – from supervising the machines to controlling the company.

intex ERP Suite


The ITB Textiles Division supplies the textile industry with a wide range of seamless felts and belts which have become over the years a reference standard in terms of quality and performance for any textile finishing department.


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The accurate monitoring of the dyeing process, the precision of the preparations, the repeatability of the recipes and the perfect traceability of the operations carried out are fundamental elements of an efficient working process, constant monitoring and cost reduction. The need for a healthy and hygienic working environment where contaminations and product handling are minimized are also essential elements for a modern process. LAWER supplies systems that allows to completely automate the preparation process of dyestuffs and chemical products starting from laboratory processing up to the whole dyeing and finishing process.


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Textile Technology


Maicolen S.r.l. is a company founded in 1968 in the Biella area, which is the heart of the wool textile industry. And ‘it specializes in the production of technical fabrics used in the field of finishing, in particular for atmospheric decatization plants and under pressure KD. The range of products offered to customers offers different types of satins for decatizing and high heat-resistant special materials for coating of the decatizing cylinders and for heat protection in general.

The fabrics we produce and finish entirely in our factories are the result of continuous research that we carry out in collaboration with our suppliers primarily to ensure the best possible and constant quality in the use of raw materials, with manufacturers of machines for decatization, and to maximize the qualitative performances with our customers and by meeting their high quality requirements.


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Mario Crosta has always developed projects which meet with the various needs of the market, conceiving and designing new and up-dated technologies.
Keeping in mind the flexibility and the willingness to satisfy their customer’s needs, just to offer them a better quality at competitive prices, Mario Crosta has worked out the schedule of its new products, updating it to a market standard, but also taking into consideration the initiative to examine and to meet the specific requests of the customers.

Mario Crosta wants to be the landmark of culture and excellence in textile finishing worldwide.
Leading the global market, we want to continue our global succesful history, producing and marketing attractive and innovative machinery to be exported to any contry, and thanks to that growing and becoming the leader of the high range.


The MESDAN LAB line – engineered, designed and made in Italy – offers a complete range of measuring instruments to be used on a variety of different textile materials, either in the laboratory or in the production. Among the various equipment available for the physical & dyeing assessment of fibers, yarns and fabrics, some valuable assets of MESDAN LAB deserve to be emphasized.

Mesdan LAB


Mesdan Türkçe


Since 1931 Monti-Mac designs and manufactures 100% Made in Italy innovative solutions for the automation of the sewing process in the traditional and technical textile industry. Over the past twenty years, Monti-Mac has gradually dedicated more and more  energy and resources in the research and development of solutions for the sewing, cutting and handling of traditional and technical textiles with particular attention to the following applications:

-preparation of fabrics to textile finishing with head-to-head joining seam and automatic roll handling

– selvedge preparation for digital printing with a patented fringe cutting system managed by digital cameras

– sewing, cutting and handling of technical textiles as GEOTEX, TNT, KEVLAR for the world of construction, defense, boating etc.




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Pentek is the result of a relentless activity of a devoted management, focused on a simple target: new equipment for value added effects. The strong personality and pro-active energy of the key people convey and spread passionate commitment into the company. We want to cope with challenges and share successes following this track: a team made of individual freedoms


It was 1895 when Federico Zonco founded a company for the design and costruction of machinery for the finishing of wool cloths and, some years later, supported by his son Anselmo, he created the sawmill for working the wood needed by the Company itself and by the parallel plant for the production of lags and pins for rag tearing machines. Things have continuously evolved over the last 100 years of activity. After the war, stainless steel gradually replaced wood, and the market extended beyond national borders, becoming first European and then worldwide, thanks to the innovations brought by Federico, Pietro and Placido, grandsons of the founder. The years have passed and, borne along by our desire for continuous self-improvement, we have come to the years 2000 and the management of the Company is already in the hands of the fourth generation: but respect for quality and tradition is the same as it was over 100 years ago.



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